Bariatric Surgery Informational Seminars, Denver

Free Weight-Loss Surgery Educational Classes

To help determine if you are a candidate for weight-loss surgery, understand more about the bariatric surgery process, and connect with others who are considering the same option, Colorado Bariatric Surgery in Denver hosts regular informational sessions. Our seminars are held in the evenings in the Swedish Medical Center Second Floor Conference Center room Spruce C. Sessions usually last about one hour.

During the session, you will learn about:

– Patient requirements for bariatric surgery
– What to expect during surgery, after surgery in the hospital and after surgery at home
– Lifestyle changes you can expect after bariatric surgery
– Surgery options: Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the adjustable gastric band (Lap® Band and Realize® Band) & sleeve gastrectomy procedures
– Qualifications of the Colorado Bariatric Surgery team
– Insurance coverage (Not all insurance companies offer coverage of bariatric procedures. Payment plan options are available if you qualify for surgery but your insurance company does not cover the procedure.)

You may RSVP through Swedish Medical Center by calling 1-866-779-3347 or register online: ONLINE REGISTRATION.